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Teacher, Athletic Director,
and Maker of Hand Crafted Canoe Paddles

I am a maker of hand-crafted traditionally shaped cherry and black walnut canoe and double bladed paddles. I also conduct one day classes to help people make their own paddles. I was born on Cape Cod but brought up for most of my pre adult years in Montreal. Well actually, cities don’t suite me so I was away at an outdoor school and attended Camp Nominingue as a camper and as staff for sixteen years. It is here that I learned to paddle and to develop a passion for canoeing and paddle-making. I finally became certified as a Canadian Recreational Canoeing Instructor, a grueling but rewarding experience. Since that time, I have been constantly involved with outing clubs and as a teacher/Athletic Director for twenty five years. I started my paddle-making and instructing business in 1990. I became an instructor for the American Canoeing Association during that time.

I now live here in Long Lake and make paddles and teach paddle-making classes as well as teaching canoeing skills. I make traditionally shaped canoe and double bladed paddles because I believe they are better for cruising than the present day wide paddles that are designed for acceleration and power (racing and white-water). Most us are cruisers and yet we have given up the proven cruising paddles. It’s time to change that. Each of my paddles takes eight hours and is initially shaped into a blank by using a band-saw. Once working on the blank, it is another three to four hours with basic hand tools. It takes another two to three hours to complete the finish work. The paddles are light and are easier on the body because of the reduced blade twisting while squaring the blade in the water. The blade surface area is not reduced as a result of  the added length. I believe these paddles are a joy to work with. Find out more on my website or call and visit.